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Aeolus launches new-gen standard, high performance winter tyres

Two new Aeolus winter tyres were unveiled at last month’s Reifen 2016 show, the SnowAce2 for the standard segment and SnowACE2 HP for the high performance segment. The pair are the successor tyres to the SnowACE AW02 und AW03.

The SnowACE2 HP features a directional V-shaped profile, which Aeolus Tyre says ensures outstanding performance on snow and ice while increasing safety and reducing the risk of aquaplaning. “Connectors to the shoulder blocks improve traction on snow-covered surfaces. Increased stability in the tread allows for outstanding precision when steering on both wet and dry roads, as well as when braking,” shares Aeolus. “Combined with the connectors, narrow transverse grooves in the shoulder blocks ensure excellent grip on snow, ice and wet roads. Alongside improved performance on snow, the transverse grooves contribute to increased stability around the tread shoulder. This increases steering response on bends at the same time as shortening braking distances.”

A full-silica tread compound gives the SnowACE2 HP “outstanding properties in snowy, icy and wet conditions,” the tyre maker shares, adding that the compound reduces wear and offers low rolling resistance

The standard SnowACE2 features a wide centre rib, and Aeolus Tyre says this ensures improved response when steering and braking, along with improved directional stability, particularly when travelling at high speeds on wet and snowy surfaces. The presence of four different sizes in the profile blocks aims to improve grip on snow and noticeably reduce rolling noise on dry roads. The tyre’s 3D multi-wave sipes are said to reduce abrasion and help prevent an uneven wear pattern. The increased stability of the profile blocks leads to improved braking performance at the same time as increasing traction on snow-covered surfaces. The two wide longitudinal grooves and the V-shaped profile improve steering performance in wet and snowy conditions and help avoid aquaplaning. The arrangement of the individual segments also reduces rolling noise, the tyre maker adds. Like its high-performance sibling, the SnowACE2 has a full-silica tread compound.

The SnowACE2 HP will initially be available in 27 sizes from 15 to 18 inches, while the SnowACE2 is available in 13 sizes for 15-inch rim diameters, and additional dimensions will join both ranges going forwards.

In regards to the tyres, Thomas Wohlgemuth, Aeolus Tyre’s general manger for Western Europe (cars), commented: “Aeolus winter tyres are stretched to their limits in tough tyre tests, so that we are able to offer drivers the best possible winter performance. Our tyres have been put through their paces in internal tests, under the supervision of TÜV SÜD.”

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