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Gori: China should lift duties on EU tires

The European Union should not impose duties on tires imported from China but instead should push China to lift import duties it imposes on tires from Europe, according to Francesco Gori, strategy adviser at Apollo Tyres Ltd. and a former Pirelli leader.

The imposition of anti-dumping duties on Chinese imports has increased the flow of Chinese tires to other global markets regions, speakers at the recent Future Conference in Essen said. In Europe, truck tire makers and retreaders have been hit particularly hard by a subsequent rise in cut-priced imports.

During a panel discussion session at the conference, held May 24-25 in Essen, Mr. Gori was asked if the E.U. should follow the U.S. lead and impose anti-dumping duties to stem the flow of cheap tires from China.

“No, or I would only do it from the point of view of reciprocity,” he said, pointing out that China imposes a minimum duty of 10 percent on tires imported from Europe.

Excluding tires being sold at “dumping prices,” Mr. Gori said that “if China is competitive they deserve to have their market share in Europe.

“But, I would discuss the fact that tires coming from Europe have to pay duty.

“We have no duties on tires imported from China. So why doesn’t [China] cancel this 10-percent duty? It would be a beau geste (nice gesture).”

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