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Yokohama Unveils New Mining Tire for Loaders

Yokohama Tire Corp. has a new off-the-road radial tire for loaders in underground mine applications. The R69 L5-S is available in size 18.00R25.

“The R69 was designed to reduce downtime and increase efficiency,” says Tom Clauer, manager of commercial and OTR product planning for Yokohama. “It’s engineered for endurance and is the ideal tire for businesses looking to increase speed and loads during long-haul mining operations.”

Yokohama says the R69 offers these benefits:

  • improved durability from advanced compounds that resist heat build-up and fight cuts and chips;
  • a strong cut-resistant tread and longer service life thanks to a durable belt package, along with enhanced compounds that deliver a durable and stable footprint;
  • added protection in underground mining excavations thanks to a high-angle sidewall that increases thickness and decreases sidewall stress; and
  • a stronger casing and more extensive rim contact area via high tensile strength bead cores that lower bead stress and reduce the potential for slippage.

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