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Hercules launches two new light truck tyres

“These are two more tires that exemplify Hercules’ promise to deliver extraordinary value. The Terra Trac M/T and Terra Trac T/G Max are high-quality, great-looking products with unbeatable warranties that offer our dealers great profit potential and differentiation,” said Jedd Emans, Hercules Tires’ vice president of marketing.

The Hercules Terra Trac M/T and Terra Trac T/G Max share a number of features that enable them to perform on and off the road, including variable full-depth siping, stone release features and tread compound formulations optimized for a myriad of on-and off-road applications.

“I would call the Terra Trac M/T a ‘modern mud tyre’ because it’s designed for high performance both on and off the road. Most drivers with mud tyres spend the majority of their time on paved roads, not trails. This tire is designed for the way consumers really drive,” said Emans.

Features exclusive to the Terra Trac M/T include: Stud pins in the tread allow for enhanced winter traction and control; A reversible camouflage sidewall design gives an aggressive, head-turning appearance. The tyre is available in 21 sizes in 15 to 20-inch wheel diameters – including popular enthusiast sizes.

“The Terra Trac T/G Max is uniquely designed to tackle challenging and hazardous work environments, from gravel-strewn construction sites, to muddy farm fields,” said Emans. “But even with all its tough features, it offers excellent all-season highway performance. This tyre is the best of both worlds.”

Additional features of the Terra Trac T/G Max include: silica-infused cut and chip resistant compound; a square profile design for optimized surface contact for maximum traction and tread life. This tyre is available in 15 LT and flotation sizes covering 15 to 18-inch wheel diameters.

“We introduced the Terra Trac Traction Series to help dealers guide their customers into the right tire for their needs. Because, while they share some characteristics, each tyre is designed and built for specific applications. So choosing the best tire for the job is important to getting top performance,” concluded Emans.

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