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Hankook Tire Expands Premium OE Portfolio to Ford C-MAX Energi

Hankook Tire announced that it added another premium OE portfolio to Ford’s hybrid electric vehicle, the C-MAX Energi. Hankook Tire’s premium eco-friendly all season performance tire, Enfren Eco, is the first model for Hankook Tire to supply OE tire to the automaker’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Enfren Eco in size of 215/55R17V fitted to Ford’s C-MAX Energi is placed only in China.

Providing a well-suited complement to the Ford C-MAX Energi, Hankook Tire’s Enfren Eco helps to add to the high mileage and environmental benefits of the vehicle. Hankook Tire’s flagship eco-friendly tire, Enfren Eco is designed primarily for hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles. The all-season performance tire with the silica compound offers low rolling resistance, outstanding wet and dry handling, maximized fuel efficiency and comfort driving experience. Enfren Eco is structured to induce change in sidewall dispersion and to trade off by applying tire stiffness control profile, thereby increase low rolling resistance and fuel efficiency. The tire’s aerodynamic sidewall design and noise care block pattern contribute to noise reduction by minimizing wind resistance felt by tire while driving. The outstanding fuel efficiency of Enfren Eco received top energy efficiency ratings in Korea, Japan and Europe.

Mr. Seung Hwa Suh, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hankook Tire, said, “Hankook Tire is proud to announce the OE fitment to one of the prestigious automotive brands, as well as the first premium OE supply for Ford’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.” He added that “Hankook Tire has established solid partnership with Ford since 1999. Based on our long-term partnership with Ford, Hankook Tire will continue to expand premium OE portfolio based on our technological excellence.”

Starting OE supply to Ford in 1999, Hankook Tire has expanded its partnership with Ford on vehicles globally such as the Ford Fiesta, Fusion, Flex, Edge, Explorer, Taurus, Transit, Kuga and Mustang. Now, Hankook Tire continues to expand its global automotive partnership, successfully supplying original equipment tires for 37 automakers including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW.

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