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Urban Mobility: Pimp my carriage

 manufacturer of premium alloy rims for the European car aftermarket, has implemented a very special project together with a tradition-steeped Viennese carriage company. Nomen est omen.


Johann Trampusch, a third-generation entrepreneur of horse-drawn carriages, knows the meaning of URBAN MOBILITY all too well. As a long-standing operator of horse-drawn carriages, the so-called “Fiaker”, he has been transporting everything from promotion tours to VIPs, irrespective of colour and size, whether round or angular. For his company’s anniversary Trampusch thought of a very special project which involves equipping his 70-year old, elegant “Lederlandauer” carriage with alloy rims. This is no ordinary mission, nobody has ever tried it before. Hence, the result was quite the sensation.

Johann Trampusch’s call was initially met with suspicion by technical development staff at AEZ Leichtmetallräder GmbH, thinking they were listening to a prank call by a radio station for the early-morning amusement of millions of listeners. A few cups of coffee later, during which the general feasibility was discussed, the conversation picked up speed and the project started taking shape. It soon became a real challenge for AEZ designers and technicians.

“By the time we had our third round of coffee it was clear that we would accept this extraordinary assignment. Our product development division immediately drafted technical feasibility plans while marketing began their preparations. This challenge also helped everybody involved to break away from daily routines,” says Norbert Frohner, managing director of ALCAR  

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