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Bridgestone to Build New Aircraft Tire Solutions Bases in Thailand

Bridgestone Corporation today announced plans to construct two new manufacturing plants in Thailand. One plant will produce new aircraft tires, while the second plant will produce retread aircraft tires. The total investment will be approximately JPY15.0 billion (USD 150 million) and both new plants are scheduled to start production in December 2019. The Bridgestone Group has been operating in Thailand for roughly half a century, and the establishment of new plants in this country is expected to further contribute to its economic and industrial development.

The Bridgestone Group's aircraft tire solutions business combines products, such as new and retread tires, with services to deliver solutions for the issues faced by both aircraft manufacturers and airlines. Bridgestone leverages its strengths of new, retread tires and service networks and will continue to work together with aircraft manufacturers and airlines to create new value that ensures safe and secure aircraft operation.

As part of the Bridgestone Group's commitment to the development of a sustainable society, these two plants cater to reduced CO2emissions, while also acting as business bases to support its aircraft tire solutions system with new and retread tires.

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