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Pirelli takes rubber to the slopes

Presented in St. Moritz in a world preview on 6th and 7th February, this Sport Carve Ski guarantees exceptional stability for smooth and accurate skiing, both on short turns as well as in the long range, adapting seamlessly to the conditions of the snow on the slopes. 

In addition to the special design, which stands out for the use of rubber on the top of the ski and the iconic logo of the P lunga with a dot, it conceals its distinguishing feature in the technology of the materials used: a thin layer of anti-vibration rubber is enclosed inside the ski.


This new Pirelli ski is in fact built by the craftsmen at Blossom using the sandwich technique, which consists in overlapping a series of layers of various materials, which are then heat-sealed in a furnace using special adhesives. The Sport Carve Ski has a wooden core, which is supplemented by a graphite sole, a double layer of Titanal with a stabilising effect, and lastly a fibreglass layer, a special triaxial glass fibre that fosters the torsion of the ski during maximum stress on turns. 

The unprecedented contribution provided by Pirelli inside the ski is a strip of anti-vibration vulcanised rubber made using a blend especially designed by Pirelli engineers to dampen up to 60% of the stresses incurred during the downhill run. 

Pirelli rubber plays a fundamental innovative role by contributing towards the creation of a truly unique piece of equipment, to satisfy the desire to have fun on the snow with the guarantee of wearing "race-worthy equipment" capable of accommodating the needs of the most expert consumers.

The additional exclusive feature of the Pirelli  ski is that it will be produced by Blossom in 7 colours inspired by those used by Pirelli for its racing tyres. Each colour will be produced in a limited, numbered series of 110 pairs per colour, in honour of the anniversary of Motorsport Pirelli which celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2017.

The skis are produced from a minimum height of 151, rising to the following sizes: 158, 164, 170, 176, 181. 
Each of these sizes matches a different turn radius, expressed in metres: 10, 11, 13, 14.16, 17. The sidecut, hence the curvature that runs along the ski’s edge from tip to tail, is singular and more accentuated: 121-71-106.

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