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ZC Rubber to increase production of passenger car tires

Summary The first dealer conference of ZC Rubber in 2017 has opened and tire dealers from Africa are invited to attend the meeting in Dubai

The focus of conference is on introducing new goal and development strategy in 2017. In the year 2016, ZC Rubber produced 27.09 million PCR tires and 15.18 million TBR tires. Ge Guorong, vice president of ZC Rubber, notes that company PCR production to grow by about 25% to 33.90 million and 10% to 16.76 million TBR in 2017

Combined with the current situation of tire industry in China, Ge Guorong noticed that Chinese tire industry is facing a great change. The future replies on a supplier with potentiality and prospect. As the largest tire manufacturer in mainland China, ZC Rubber is a company with great potentiality and continues to on the way to R&D and produces more valuable products for all the customers.

According to the company, ZC Rubber will also promotethe Auto Space, a brand owned by ZC Rubber focusing on automotive aftermarket. In 2016, ZC Rubber built its first oversea Auto Space in Thailand. In Auto Space, service will be provided covering tire replace, tire repair, alignment, balancing, braking and cleaning etc. What’s more, customers also can ask Auto Space road rescue service through the telephone when they fall into trouble on the road.


Furthermore, to better serve customers, ZC Rubber is going to develop a cloud-based tire life-cycle management platform to timely collect the information of air pressure, tire temperature and GPS, and make sure tire safety and fuel efficiency. “This gives our dealers an opportunity to participate and to improve business mode and service. We will equip our dealers with program introduction, spare parts, training and IT system to go with the Auto Space project.”

We guarantee a steady supply chain and will extend the reach of our network to better serve customers, also put in a serious effort to improve the sales together with all the dealers, achieving the new goal.” Ge Guorong said, “We supply remarkable product portfolio, value and the future.”

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