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Pirelli returns to cycling with the PZero Velo

The PZero brand has long been associated with tyres for high performance cars, and now Pirelli is using its flagship name for the company’s return to cycling. The PZero Velo tyre range for high performance bicycles will be released in September and distributed in Europe, North America and within Asia Pacific. Pirelli will sell the PZero Velo through its own e-commerce site, The site will also feature news and various stories from the world of two wheels.

Three distinct PZero Velo models will be available, each distinguishable through a colour code inspired by Pirelli’s Formula One tyre supply. The presence of the colour silver on the tread denotes a Road Racing tyre, red a Time Trial tyre and blue the Four Seasons product.

“We are excited about this return to cycling,” shares Antonella Lauriola, chief operating officer of the Velo Pirelli business unit. “For our bike tyres, we draw on a unique heritage of knowledge, technology and sporting experience. Pirelli’s offer today is completed with tyres made for those consumers who look for innovative and technological bike products as they do for their cars and bikes. We chose to start from the racing segment, which is the most challenging in technical terms, but also the most consistent with our race-marked history.”

An official launch for the PZero Velo is scheduled to take place in around a month’s time at Pirelli’s testing centre in Milan, Italy. The new Pirelli bicycle tyre range will then be displayed at the Eurobike show in Germany prior to its wider market launch.

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