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Michelin - 40 years of development that continues with michelin’s recent investment at the Zalau tyre plant

The Michelin tyre factory in Zalau is celebrating its 40th anniversary, the company said în a press release sent to ACTMedia. The factory started its activity in 1977 with the production of tyres and air tubes under the Silvania name, before it became part of the Michelin Group in 2001. A new phase of its development began then with the implementation of innovative processes and the industrialisation of new products. The application of Michelin’s strict quality standards and industrial methods, together with the investment in people development, all contributed to the modernization of the Zalau plant that paved the way for its further development.

The proven expertise and dedication of the local teams, their openness to innovation and the highly competitive results of the Zalau Tyre factory all made it possible for the Michelin Group to decide on an investment of 33 million Euros. This new investment project makes possible the production of new truck tyre models for the intermediate market segment, including the Tigar brand. Michelin Zalau Tyres will become the only Michelin plant in Europe producing the new models for the low intermediate segment, with 100 new jobs created by 2021.

“This new, strategic project at the Michelin Zalau Tyre factory is a perfect milestone for the 40 years of constant development, the dedication of our people over the years, their commitment towards innovation and their long term community support. I am extremely proud that the Michelin team continues to contribute to the Group’s growth strategy with passion and proven expertise. The factory is now ready to take on new challenges with the installation of modern machinery, the launch of new brands and the deployment of a new business model linking the factory directly to the customer.“ said Sean Parry, Director of the Michelin Industrial Platform in Zalau.

The Michelin Tyres factory in Zalau is an important unit for the Group producing approximately 130 tyre models destined for markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. The factory’s mission is to manufacture truck tyres in high demand in the market thus contributing to the Groups’ growth ambitions.