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Michelin to increase winter tire production in Canada

“Simply put, our customers want more of our tires for our challenging winters,” said Jeff MacLean, President, Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.  “To meet this need, we will be building more Michelin X-ice Xi2 for both the Canadian and export markets.”

The two-year project will add 70 to 90 temporary and contract jobs at the Michelin Pictou County site, starting as early as June of this year. The temporary positions will be filled with current Michelin Pictou County employees, returning Michelin retirees and contractors.

Currently, the Michelin Pictou County site is home to a high-performance car tire production shop, tire membrane production and a large rubber mixing operation, as well as the company’s Canadian corporate offices. Existing tire building equipment will be used for the additional tire volume, and no additional investment is required for this project.

“This is good news for our site and our community,” added MacLean. “Our Michelin Pictou County team welcomes the opportunity to build more tires for our customers in Canada, the U.S. and overseas.”

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