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Infinity Ecosis ranked as best noise comfort model tyre in ADAC test

For this test, ADAC selected tyres intended to be fitted to smaller town and city cars, suitable for small and compact vehicles. In cooperation with European automobile clubs and consumer protection organisations, ADAC annually tests different winter and summer tyres. The Infinity Ecosis is a touring summer tyre designed to be fitted to passenger cars.

The 185/65 R15 InfinityEcosis tyre was ranked as the best noise comfort model, the Infinity Ecosis also received very positive results in the categories of comfort, fuel consumption and wear, which were all ranked as good. The Infinity Ecosis was tested along with sixteen other premium and mid-range tyres. The Infinity tyre  also emerged as the best option within the Chinese brands.

TheInfinity Ecosis was ranked ahead of several premium options.  This proves that the Infinity Ecosis offers the best in class option in the mid-range tyres, helping drivers reduce costs, as well as being less noisy than other tyres in the same category.

“We are very thrilled with the ADAC test resultswhich demonstrate boththe quality of the Infinity tyre range and Al Dobowi’s commitment to deliver best in class products to our customers. This test result proves thatthe mid-rangetyre ranges can provide a smart solution to  meet customer’s requirements” said Mitchell Peeters, Executive Director at Al Dobowi Group. “We will continue working in this direction, to provide end users with a full range of reliable and trustworthy tyres that fit all type vehicles and needs”.

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