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Triangle started High-Performance passenger tire production in Weihai

Sun Shutao, Secretary of Weihai Municipal CPC Committee and Xu Lianxin, Deputy Mayor of Weihai, came to Huayang Co., Ltd. for some investigations. They, accompanied by the leaders of Wendeng District and Ding Yuhua, the Board Chairman of Triangle Group, visited the production line and saw its first product with their own eyes.

Sun Shutao heard the report of Huayang Co., Ltd. on its “Integration of Information and Industrialization” and said high praise for it. He said that Triangle Group, the representative of traditional industry transformation and upgrading in Weihai city, took firm steps in advance towards “Integration of Information and Industrialization”. It should persist in its set strategy, speed up its transformation from factor-driven to innovation-driven, from value-added processing to value-added brand building, and set a good example for transformation and upgrading of all the other enterprises of Weihai city.

Sun Shutao stressed that innovation, no doubt, was the driving force of any enterprise. Both the traditional and the high-tech enterprises should focus on their main business, run to the frontier, increase their investment in innovation, promote their industrial upgrading, optimize their product mix, strengthen their core competitiveness and hold the say in their own fields.

Huayang Co., Ltd. is a high-performance passenger vehicle tire production base Triangle Group is trying its best to build. Designed at industry standard in its 4.0, the advanced tire production line, with all the equipment from Germany and Holland, achieves production automation, information and intelligence.

Huayang Co., Ltd. is a good performance for Triangle Group to achieve its goal of “Global Corporation, World-class Triangle”. With a total investment of 6.7 billion yuan, Triangle Group plans to build a proving ground, living facilities included, for the testing of its high-performance passenger vehicle tires, special tires, high-performance commercial vehicle tires and high-standard automobile tires. The first phase of the project will produce 4 million high-performance passenger vehicle tires annually with advanced digital recognition, intelligent control and automation technology to meet the needs of Russia, Northern Europe, North America, etc., providing replacement and supporting service for the global premium tire market. The revolutionary changes will happen in production efficiency, manufacturing precision, product quality and environmental quality. 

Huayang Co. Ltd., a real “intelligent plant”, follows the trend of digitalization, network, intelligence and establishes a manufacturing and management system at industry standard in its 4.0. Firstly, from raw material preservation, in-process storage & transportation, to product testing, preservation & loading, the whole process is automatic, the positioning accuracy of which is mm level. What’s more, robot technology is used at such links of the whole manufacturing process as rubber refining, in-process and product packing. That is to say, the production line has a high degree of the integration of automation and information. It can reduce the number of employees by 40% compared with the traditional mode of production. Secondly, the production line employs the integrated information-based manufacturing technology to construct an intelligent manufacturing system characterized by the integration of network and collaboration. To be specific, it has the MES system as the carrier and uses RFID, bar code and other techniques to implement the real-time monitoring of the raw materials, in-processes and products. As a result, not only each tire has its own “Identity Card”, but Huayang Co. Ltd. is successfully upgraded into an Internet of Things (IOT) as well.

It is the core strategy of Triangle Group to promote its transformation and upgrading further and make “Triangle” a global brand. There is no denying that the completion and operation of the high- performance passenger vehicle tire production line of Huayang Co. Ltd. explores a new space for the development of Triangle Group, helps Triangle Group largely realize its transformation from factor- driven to innovation-driven, from value-added processing to value-added brand building, and greatly enhances the competitiveness of its brand “Triangle”.

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